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This simple, three-step plan creates
a number of amazing benefits:

  • Burns more fat than diet alone
  • Increases metabolism
  • Protects muscle and bone density

And the whole program has been scientifically tested.


Generate a shopping list from your customised meal plan, gather recipes your family will love, get ongoing guidance and motivation through our videos, track your workouts, see your weekly weight and measurements and connect with other members in the Curves Community - it's all here.

SHOPPING LIST can generate a shopping list based on your weekly meal choices. Just select your meals, print your shopping list and go.


Curves Complete offers a full library of healthy and delicious recipes that are based on healthy ingredients, correct portion sizes and personal convenience.


You’ll have access to a library of content, including articles on health, videos from experts to keep you on track, cooking demonstrations and more.


There’s no better way to stay motivated than to see numbers and charts that show you exactly how much weight and centimetres you’re losing.


Curves Complete offers you a daily reminder to drink plenty of water and take your supplements. Both are key components to help you to stay healthy and fit.


Through Curves Complete, you can interact with other women who are setting goals and achieving them just like you. Knowing you’re in good company makes your journey to better health and fitness more enjoyable and rewarding.

"Curves gave me my life back"

Chante Pote battled with her weight at school. Then she trimmed down all on her own, but she was still not happy with her body. A year ago she joined Curves Port Alfred and lost 35.5 centimetres, 4% body fat and 5kg since then. Today Chante is a Curves circuit trainer sharing her passion with the members, and training and motivating them to achieve their own success stories of weightloss, fitness and glowing health.

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The Curves Circuit is designed to effectively deliver a workout that combines cardiovascular AND strength training in a single, 30-minute session. No other program has been embraced by so many women. And for good reason. After all, while cardio workouts are certainly beneficial, strength training is the only way to maintain and even build muscle. Muscle is what revs your
metabolism, so the fat you lose stays off.


Nutrition is so important. But to be successful, you need nutrition that’s on your terms. You need to be able to customise your meal plan. You need easy, delicious recipes you can cook at home AND simple guidelines for eating out. That’s what you get with Curves Complete.


Each week, you’ll meet with your Curves Complete Coach, one-on-one. Curves Complete is the only weightloss program that does so much to keep you on track towards your goal, week in and week out. You’ll never feel alone and you’ll never wonder if you’re doing things right. With your Curves Complete Coach, success is finally within your grasp.

Terms and conditions apply. At participating clubs only. Free gift is Tools4Success Kit and only valid for new Curves Complete members joining during first visit and existing Curves Fitness members converting to Curves Complete. © 2013 Curves International, Inc.

See a Curves Complete Coach for details.

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An integrated and personalised approach

Most women who are serious about losing weight know
that they won't get the results they want by just dieting. They also need to exercise and they need support and encouragement to stick to the plan. This was the thinking behind the revolutionary new Curves Complete® weightloss program, the only program of its kind, offering exercise, personalised meal plans and coaching in one integrated program. And the cost is surprisingly competitive with
what other programs charge for diet alone!

What makes this program so successful?

"It's really as simple as 1 … 2 … 3," said Curves' Registered International Dietitian, Nadia Rodman. "The Curves circuit gives you strength and cardio training to protect your muscles and burn fat, our proven nutritional plan is fully customisable to your lifestyle, and your Curves coach helps you to set weekly goals and reach them one by one. If you purely follow the plan which you can print as a weekly tracking sheet, and take to your coaching sessions, you simply can't help but lose. Or rather, win."

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