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A steering committee has been established to investigate the possibility of establishing a CID (City Improvement District) in Pinelands. Team leader Pam Stabler along with committee members Carol Clark, Riad Davids, Elaine Gibb, Allan Hobbs and Herman Schlenk invite residents to participate in a survey that will indicate the needs of the residents and the desire for a Pinelands CID.

The city has limited resources available to adequately address some of the issues in our beautiful suburb of Pinelands. In particular those relating to crime, cleanliness and social responsibility. Many industrial and residential areas address these challenges by forming a City Improvement District (CID).

Forming a CID involves a comprehensive procedure as laid out in COCT (City of Cape Town) guidelines which have to be followed meticulously. Conversations were initiated a few months ago with the City in respect of creating a CID for Pinelands. The Steering Committee has made enough progress to be in the position for public participation of an Urban Management Survey. This survey is available for Pinelands residents and business owners to complete.  The aim of the survey is to gather transparent feedback from residents to understand their opinions and concerns in respect to the stated “Pillars” of a  CID:

Improving SAFETY – making the public areas SAFE for its community and visitors

Combating GRIME – making the area CLEAN

Initiating ENVIRONMENTAL improvements – making the area greener in all aspects and regenerating the environment through URBAN MANAGEMENT

Accepting SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – dealing with the homeless, HIV/AIDs, vagrancy, prostitution, adopting a charity as a project.

Based on the information gathered, the Steering Committee will essentially be able to gauge if there is sufficient support from residents and business owners to form a CID. It is very important to get a good cross section of participation and opinions as this will aid future steps in this effort. The Steering Committee values your opinion as a resident of Pinelands, and we therefore ask you to give up a few minutes of your valuable time to complete our online survey


or scan the QR code t for a direct link to the survey.