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Smoothies, Frozen Yoghurt, Wraps, Salads, Toasted Focaccia
Smuuthies is a modern twist of the traditional espresso bar, in that we serve a range of healthy smoothies instead of coffees. They range from a decadent Choc Nut, with Ferrero Rocher chocolates to something more healthy, like the Anti Oxidant, which has frozen yoghurt, blueberries, Goji Berries, honey and Cacao nibs. There are many others to choose from or we are happy to make a one-off according to what someone wants.

We have dairy and non dairy smoothies. The frozen yoghurt we use in the dairy smoothies is Halaal and imported from Italy. Unlike a frozen yoghurt shop with different flavors, ours is only the traditional yoghurt flavour. It does have some sugar, but it's not too sweet and is refreshingly delicious on its own. We do serve frozen yoghurt in cups and sugar cones, with a selection of toppings and syrups, for those with a sweet tooth! We also use several Super Foods, which each have their own beneficial properties. Ours are from Superfoods in Westlake and certified organic.

We have a range of delicious, healthy food, which includes wraps, toasted focaccias and salads, all served in to-go packaging and can be eaten at our tables, on the go or at home. At the moment we do not have any meat on our menu, only chicken, which is also Halaal.

We do not serve alcohol. Our quality is excellent and our prices are reasonable. Our menu can be viewed on our website at

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